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Who Are We?

The Financial Industry Network In Singapore (FINetSG) is an industry association for employees (executive and non-executive), entrepreneurs and businesses working in or serving the financial industry, or playing the banking and finance role in a non-financial organization, in Singapore.


Why We Are Formed

While there are many specialized, high-level industry associations such as the ACI Singapore, prior to the formation of FINetSG, there was none similar to the accountancy, engineering or legal societies that could meet the needs of our executives in general. Thus this group seeks to fill the gap.


What Do We Do?

We organise networking events, refer career/business opportunities and provide industry information among other things.

As a member of the Singapore Alliance of Small Enterprises (SASE) (, we also promote financial innovation, SME financing and entrepreneurship.


Our Distinguished Members

Our members are (or were) from various related organisations (e.g. financial institutions, corporations, government bodies), functions and countries.

They comprise people from local to international financial institutions, consumer to investment banking, and recent graduates to vice-presidents.

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Why Is Career/Business Network Important To The Job Seeker/Entrepreneur?

It is not WHAT you know but WHO YOU KNOW that gives you the competitive edge in this highly competitive job market/business environment.

Whether it is getting a job or business deal, or simply looking for help and obscure information to execute your plan, having the ‘guanxi’ or connection is critical.

As many jobs/business opportunities are not advertised, so impress someone and you may be the first person he/she calls when there is an opportunity.


Other Benefits - Chill Out After A Hard Day’s Work

Our members not only work hard but also play hard! So be it for career, business or social networking, we welcome you.

More things will come when our membership hits the critical mass. So join us today and tell everyone about us!


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